Caramel Weiser by heather weiser / Heath

Caramel my bear, Butchka, Cari

The most loyal unconditional and pure soul that came into my life. From the minute he came into my life he followed me around and was glued to my side. Whenever I have been hurt, sick or the tears were flowing uncontrollably he sat by me and would never leave me. For 15 years that has been his role and his place in my life.

I know that he will be saving a place for me in heaven right next to him. He will be sorely and painfully missed by his loving family. There will never be another dog quite like him who displayed the love that he did for me personally. I love him with all my heart, may he rest in peace. Amen


With love,
Caramel Weiser
30, Apr 2006
heather weiser