Carolina by Nancy Wetherington / mommy

Carolina was for my father. I was training her, for him. He wanted another lap dog, so he got a black toy poodle. We have always had a poodle when I was growing up. My last girl left us in April of 2000. I got Carolina from one of my customers, I knew both her parents Bojie and Pebbles. My father had to use a cane to get around, Carolina hated that cane. So she stayed with me. I was not ready for another dog, though knowing my dad was, I let her stay.

My dad got sick in April of 2003. He passed in June of that same year. Somehow Carolina became my savior during that very hard time, when I missed my dad the most. She would wake me every morning at 6:30 a.m. with kisses and smiles that was the time my dad would call every morning. She would wash away my tears. I thought that maybe she was my dad’s last gift to me his little girl. Already being his little girl myself, I fell in love with her, and her dancing ways.

On the night of October 21, 2004, I was taking Carolina and my other little girl Adie to go potty, when they saw my cat and wanted to play as always. Carolina and Adie ran into the street. The last I saw of Carolina was her running to me happy that she got the cat first. The woman that hit her would have never been able to stop in time. She ran right into her. I don’t think that Carolina saw the car. She never made a sound. She was gone instantly. I am thankful for that, and for the woman stopping.
It was not her fault.

I guess my dad needed his lap dog back. Adie and I miss you all day and every day. I love you my little dancing baby girl, Carolina May.


Love you always,
Nancy Wetherington