Casey by Emma / Emma

The words upon my paper,
Could never help explain,
What I felt for you back then,
And what you’d helped me gain.

The pain has not yet ceased,
And the thought of you could kill.
Just knowing that you’re gone for good,
Bares an awful chill.

We were both so young and dumb,
And I got to walk away,
Unscratched by the train wreck,
That means you’re gone today.

You were never that polite,
And I didn’t want a friend,
But since the start you and I,
Were inseparable till the end.

It was us against the world,
We hated it all the same.
All we needed was each other,
To always help or share a blame.

But then one sunny day,
As I lay upon your side,
I found I couldn’t have you;
Though for all I’ve fought and tried.

I didn’t know what to do then.
Today that’s all I dream.
You were taken from me,
Though we’d promised to stay a team.

I fought the best I could,
For the sake of you staying well.
Now I crave what’s become,
Of you and a certain hell.

And so I leave you with nothing,
Accept a stupid rhyme.
The story of how we’re outstandingly plain,
How we’d love to waste our time.

I broke a promise that I’d never make up,
That I could never fulfill.
It was you and me until the end,
An end I’d never will…


I'll always love you, reguardless of anything,