Cashew by Ron & Dee / Love You Always, Mommy & Daddy XOXO

Cashew,our beloved Baby Girl.Everyone loved you so much.Besides Mommy & Daddy,you were also so loved by Uncle Dan and Cousin Stephanie,who will also miss you very much.You were definitely a people magnet!

As a puppy,you were so sweet and adorable and loved to play with your “Bad Man” toy.Your “blanky” soon became your security blanket and how sweet it was,to watch you fall asleep with it.Daddy would say,I was spoiling you but,Mommy picked you and you deserved it.

Joy and happiness is what you brought into our lives.You so loved Christmas and Birthdays and thought everything was for you.When mommy came home with shopping bags,you had to stick your head into every one,looking for your treat.You made us laugh and smile Cashew.

We loved how you kissed our faces until we had to laughily say,”That’s enough kisses”.We only wish we could now hold you and give you kisses.You always cracked a smile when you knew a walk in the park was approaching.Or better yet,that not often enough,car ride.

Those special times spent with Daddy Up North,playing in the water and running free.Always the perfect companion,friend and protector.You were the apple of his eye and mine.

At the tender age of 1yr,you were diagnosed with Epilepsy.We could have said our goodbye’s then but,knew there was a special girl in you and that there was no way we could give you up.So,on came the medications and special care.

You did very well for awhile,till the last year or so,when things took a turn for the worse.We knew,just watching you in the pain you were in sweety,what had to be done.We just hope that mommy and daddy gave you the best life had to offer.As much as the pain and heartache enveloped us,we could no longer watch the agony in your eyes.Mommy and Daddy felt you knew too,Cashew girl.That it was time to say “GoodBye”

On one of the saddest day’s of our lives,Daddy took you to Mrs.Pet Vet and held you,knowing it would be okay.That your pain would be no more and that you are running and playing freely with the other’s.Cashew you were taken from our loving arm’s way too soon.But,we know your in a better place now and what a smile you have!!!


Never to be Forgotten and Forever in our Hearts
12, Oct 2005
Ron & Dee