Cashie by Makayla / Makayla

Cashie was a very nice dog that will be in my heart forever she will never be repaced I love her so much she didn’t deserve to die. God took her away from us unexcpected. I really wish he didn’t take my angel away from me. I miss her so much! She lived a good to a good life to 11.

I really wish that she had not passed away. I don’t understand why dogs live such short lives. They should live longer after all they are special to all (almost all any way)(but always special to me!) me and Cashie had such good times together! We would play in the park together, roll on the grass, sleep, play, hug, and love each other. Cashie was the best dog anyone could have ever asked for.

Even though she was born a couple years before me and was getting in her grey hairs in by the time I was old enough to completly pronounce her name and play gently with her she still gave me the best years of her life and nothing can replace that. When she died we were all so so so so so so sad. I wouldn’t eat for the first couple days after she passed away. The hardest thing of all is that she passed in front of me. I will never forget the dog who taught me the true meaning of friendship.


With Love,