CASPER by DAN HARNESS / Your loving adopted parents,,

Dad and Mom

To Our Little Boy Casper,

You came across the yard to live with us at this time of year, Christmas, two years ago. Your first daddy had just passed away,, and you were all alone out in the cold. You decided that you would like to come and live here with us,, and so that is what happened. It took alittle while, but soon you became ours. It will not be the same for your new dad this summer. He will go out and build a fire in the backyard, and you won’t be there to share it with him,,,,,, you loved those fires.!!! I would look out the window and see you two just relaxing and watching the flames together. You would sit out by the fire, all night sometimes, till it died completely out.

I remember one night when you and dad slept on the picnic table by the fire, and another time, when you both slept in the sleeping bag by the fire. I remember the trick you used to do, by getting up on dads shoulders.. You used to fly around , hardly touching the ground with your feet. Dad and I could not understand why you did that!!! You used to lay in the flower beds in the summer,, and you loved to get into dads lap and sit. You also loved to sit on his truck.

I know, dear Casper, that dad has many more memories but he cant share them on this tribute,, because it would hurt him to much to talk about those times.. I am writing this tribute to your memory,, Casper. You were the very sweetest boy. You had one blue eye and one green eye. We are very sorry that your life with us was not longer. Dan says you did not have a very good life,, but I think you did these last few years. You knew how very much he loved you. He took very good care of you, and spent lots of time with you.

It broke his heart when you were sick. He could not bear to see you in pain. He loved you very much, and he did what he thought was right for you. I know he will never forget you. Whenever he builds a fire in the backyard, he will think of sharing it with you,, You are at peace now. Not in anymore pain. Please keep an eye on Sally.

She is up there in heaven with you. You will never be forgotten little Casper. You were a good boy, and will be missed, and in our thoughts more than you can know.


You will be remembered and loved,,,
and in our minds with every flickering fire on a starry nig
18, Dec 2005