Cassie by Curtis & Diane Alexander / Mommy & Daddy

Cassie was born in June of 1992. When we brought you home you were 8 wks old. You had the cutest little bump on the top of your nose and the cutest little bark. We loved you from the minute we got you. You used to hop around like a little sheep, and you were the first dog
I ever saw play with a squirrel.

You were so smart it seemed like you understood anything we said and most things we wanted you to do you started to do before we opened our mouths. You shared 13 years of our lives together, the ups and the downs, and you were always there with your tail wagging and full of kisses.

You went from the little girl of the family to the wise grandma. Even at the end, although you were in pain from the cancer, you would grab one of your toys and want to play. You were such a special girl. You were the best dog a person could ever have. We were truly blessed to have shared time with you. Now we are left with holes in our hearts and a feeling of loss that is unbearable. We will always love you Cassie.


We love you, hunny.
11, May 2005
Curtis & Diane Alexander