Cassie by Debbie Paterson / Mom, Dad, and Micky

Cassie was a liter of one, but we soon became her mom, and dad, and our scotty (Mickey) became her liter mate. Swimming and playing and tearing up magazines were all in the course of a day. Then time marched on and the girl-dogs grew up. Last fall Cassie developed large lumps and was diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 8. She had chemo & was in remission for a year and oh what a year it was! WE played and snuggled and played some more. But when the cancer returned,
it came back with a vengence.

I love you Cassie. You were unconditional love: pure and sweet and innocent. I miss your doggie scent of fresh air and baby blankets. Thank god for the compassion of Dr. McGuffin who helped you go peacefully to the sleep you so desparately needed. Mickey is sad and may need another playmate soon, but there will never be another Cassie.
You were the epitomy of love.


Hope you had the time of your life,
Debbie Paterson