Cauley’s Day Dreamer by Suzanne & Tim Cauley / Mom, Dad, Precious, Lucky, Bubba, Baby Bear & Mun

For many months I have cried, My Dreamer girl in pain, her fate now mine to decide. No one can tell me if what I will do is right, putting her out of her misery has become my own plight. I watch her grow heavy, her paws turn in, Her burden becomes too much to carry. Eyes full of life & a big boastful bark & yet she cannot help but yield to her infirmity. Every step for her becomes a chore, her joints barely able to support & still she looks at me with love & devotion. How do I hide my raw emotions, watching my loved one suffer each day, knowing a decision was made to end her pain, one final heart-wrenching step…I want to hold on forever…hope beyond reasonable hope. My faithful companion, my loving friend, so soon it seems we shared the end! With wings of Gold, God lifts her up to Rainbow Bridge where until we meet again she will be free of all her earthly pains. My heart is with her in the air. I love you Dreamer Girl-I’ll meet you at Rainbow Bridge!


All Our Love To You
Cauley's Day Dreamer
10, Sep 2003
Suzanne & Tim Cauley