Ceasar by Joanne & Tony Toth / Mom and Dad

Sweet Baby boy with tears of grief and heavy hearts we say goodbye. Friend as sweet as you, are precious and few. You were always gentle even though you were a very big boy 125 lbs and not even overweight. We had you for 13 years that was some thing no one thought would happen. You were the very best boy all the time.

You some how made every one you came to meet love you, even people who did not like dogs. You were so loving and wanted to be with us all the time. You loved to go in the mini van for a ride lying on the bench seat in back to see out. Even though you wanted to play and run your body would not let you. If there was anything else we could do, we would have done so.

We had to give you the gift of peace and release you from the pain and suffering. You have no idea how much you’ll be missed. You were so much a part of us, our lives will never be the same. We cry for you every day and my heart brakes for you. You left an empty place in your hearts. Your memory will never fade or love for you will never cease. You gave us many happy years.

You will always be in our hearts. Farewell and dream of that special day we meet at the Rainbow Bridge.


We will Always Love You
18, July 2005
Joanne & Tony Toth