Chachi by Sharon & Joel Robertson / Mom and Joel


He was the best cat in all the world,
The black and white fluffiest kind.
If I search every day
To the ends of the earth
Another Chachi I never will find.

He was King of the Roost,
Everybody knew that
And for sure he was treated like royalty
My beautiful Chachi, my sweet precious cat
Was the epiphany of love, warmth and loyalty.

10 years of wonderful memories and pictures
I’ve gathered right from the start.
Though the films were color,
Those “black and white” pictures
Will forever be etched in my heart

Now all that’s left is the gray catnip mouse
On the floor at the foot of the bed
And the dent in the old patchwork quilt
Near the pillow
In the spot where he laid his sweet head.

If there’s greater pain a person can feel
At the time of the loss of a pet
If it can cause darker days
Or a heavier heart
Then I haven’t experienced it yet.

The “King” is now gone
But this void in my heart
Will never let me forget Chachi.
He’s gone to cat heaven, now he’ll
Always be my guardian cat angel to watch me.


We miss you super duper sumo cat,

Love always
29, Sep 1999
Sharon & Joel Robertson