Chance by Don,Joan & Sean

I wrote this for “Our Pookie”

To Our Beloved “Pookie” Chancellor (“Chance”) of Indian Hills

Dear Chance our sweet Chancellor
Of Indian Hills
You’re gone from our life
Do you know how we feel?

The days the years
Oh how they did pass!
On late Easter Sunday
You left us too fast.

The Lord arose; I know what he said
“To go with me I must take a pet,”
“I think that sweet Chancellor”
“Would be just the best!”

You were our best buddy
Such a part of our life.
The ache in our hearts
Feels just like a knife.

We know you’re with
Squeakie Goober King and all
Romping and playing
Making all the right calls!

We will miss you “dear Pookie”
Our beloved dear friend We loved you you loved us
That kind of love does not end;
Without you would have been never Amen.

Don Joan & Sean


15, April 2001
Don,Joan & Sean