Charlie by Amanda


" Charlie "

Unknown (Rescue Dog) ------- Aug. 1995


To Charlie - My Ever Faithful Friend


You came to us your past unknown

except for the cigarette burns bravely borne.

You looked so pathetic it was such a shame,

Your ribs sticking through we knew you had suffered pain.


We cared for you and loved you and gave you a good home in

return you gave us devotion never wanting to wander or roam.

Your adventures in the woods always brought the family fun,

chasing rabbits and the squirrels in the mid-day summer sun!


The day you got up and never ate your dinner you became

unwell and we could see you were getting thinner.

We never thought it would be so bad when the Vet

explained it was cancer you had.


That Tuesday afternoon we will never forget

when we made that final journey to see you at the Vet.

You made it so hard for us You were loving till the end,

but now you are at peace -

My Ever Faithful friend!



I often lie awake at night,

When others are asleep,

And take a walk down Memory Lane

With tears upon my cheek.

No-one knows the heartache,

I've tried so hard to hide,

No-one knows how I have missed you Charlie,

And broken down and cried.

If all the world was mine to give,

I would give it all the more

To see your face that I loved so much

Come walking through my door!


Although You Have Gone Charlie -

You Will NEVER Ever Be Forgotten!




These poems were something that I wrote after I lost my

dear dog Charlie. He was nine years old. I have never

written poems before in my life but for some reason this

helped me cope with the grief at the time.

It is 3 years now since I lost Charlie and

I still cry when I think of him.


He came into the world and was treated terribly by his previous owners

- he was left abandoned in an empty house and luckily an elderly lady

who lived next door heard his cries and alerted the Police who broke

into the house to rescue him. The elderly lady took Charlie in but found

he was too much for her and she took him to the Vet to be put to sleep

but thankfully the Vets Assistant saved him and took him home with her

and she then placed an ad. in the local paper and we were fortunate

enough to get him. He had cigarette burns all over his body and he was

so thin that the vet did not hold out much hope for His survival. Also the

last few months of his life was spent in terrible pain before the

diagnosis of cancer was confirmed. I don't think I will ever come to

terms with why Charlie had to suffer so much in his short little life

- life can be so cruel at times!


I now have the pleasure of another addition to my family namely a

whippet who is called Bracken. She too is a rescue dog and she has

settled in well with us and we all adore her. I vowed after losing

Charlie that I would never ever get another dog but we are all so

pleased that we made the decision to visit the animal rescue centre and

brought her home with us - even although we all promised at the time

that we were only going to have a "look" and nothing else.


A dogs love is unconditional and if only humans could be this way too,

the world would be a much better place than it is today.


From Amanda