Charlie by Ashley

Charlie beautiful Charlie.

You are the light of the day. You are the darkness of the night. Charlie oh charlie. You are the brighntness that makes my day go on. You are the pictures hanging on the wall. Charlie Awesome Charlie. You were the reason my face was damp every morning from you licking me awake. Charlie Sensible Charlie. You were the one to take the problems off my shoulders when worry sheltered me out of the real world. You were the one who was riding on my shoulders that cold day we put you down.

You are always there licking our facing trying to wake us up but we can not feel it. You are the one trying to please us,but you feel as if we can not hear you barking as if something will go wrong. I was only twelve when you died. And I did not cry when you died. That is because we only had you for a year. But I can assure you I was crying inside all though it does not seem like it I was.

Dreams shutter me of the thought of what you went thru and the nights that you were in pain. But you were a soldier the bravest soldier there was. You never showed how much you were in pain. You held it all in until you could hold it in no longer you had to show us that you probably could not live in the harsh world. But you were strong. And it may of took me a long time to figure it out but now I know you are
my little soldier Charlie.



April 2002