Charlie by Carole / “Mommy”

We first got Charlie on a visit to a pet shop almost 17 years ago. We were just going to see the animals because we couldn’t have them where we lived. She was just sitting there with her little head tilt to the side looking at me. She was so cute. When my husband saw her, he asked me if I wanted to get her, but I said no because we couldn’t. He must have asked me 20 time on our way out of the shopping center and I would always say no. When we got to the car, he ask me one more time saying that it was my last chance and I just turn and went running back to the pet store to get her.

She was so happy and so nice. From the start we never had a problem with her. She would wait to go outside. The first time we took her out for her walk, we found out that she did not like cement.We were walking and talking and we turn to see what she was doing, and she was just sitting on the grass waiting for us to pick her up. For the first few days with us we had to walk her from one patch of grass to the next until one day when it rained. After that she was O.K. she was such a sweet girl. Never bit or chewed anything that she wasn’t supposed to. Well, she liked to play with our socks when we were trying to put them on in the morning. That and also gloves in the winter, she loved to take one and go running in the house with it. She used to love to go running in the rain and in the winter she would love to roll in the snow or just push her face in the snow until you just saw her back end sticking out. She was so funny. She was always making the neighbors laughed
because she would act all silly.

Near the end she had a hard time seeing and earring. And then one day she got up or tried to and she had a very hard time walking. We helped her get to her food and her water because she couldn’t do it by herself. In the middle of the night I got up with her because she wanted to go drink like every night and she kept on falling. She couldn’t stand on her back legs any longer an it broke my heart to see her struggling to try to get up. I put her to her water and I was holding her so she wouldn’t fall. She was trying to drink but couldn’t and she wanted to go lay on her little bed like every night after getting up to drink.

I went back to bed, I couldn’t sleep thinking of Charlie and that is when I took one of the hardest decision in my life that it was better for her to bring her to the vet for her final rest. I cried so much because I loved her so much and I knew that it was time to say good bye.I will always miss her and love her because she really was the best dog you could have.

Thank you “Mooch” for those special 17 tears
and one day we will be back together…


"My dear baby"