Charlie by Steve & Sandy Glover / Mommy and Daddy

I knew the first time I saw him, that Christmas Eve in 1996, this sweet baby was going to be something special. Only five months old he was all ears and eyes. Charlie was a Christmas present from my husband. He wasn’t just our pet. He was a member of the family. Our little boy. He had different health problems all his life and it pained us to see him like that. This past year was not a good one for Charlie. On November 2nd I had to make the decision to have our baby put to sleep. He was 11 years old. My heart is broken. It’s been five days and we’re both still grieving terribly. I know time will heal and we’ll always
have wonderful memories of him.


Now go and play with the angels sweetheart. You can run again.
We will always love you.
Steve & Sandy Glover