Chase by Sherri


I had dreamt for a really long time
For an Aussie I could call all mine.
One who could learn to laugh and love
Work and play or fly like a dove
Who swoops and sings all day long.
This is all I ask for is it so wrong?

I heard about you from a friend
An Aussie who’s life was going to end.
To my parents I cried and pleaded
“This is that Aussie that I needed.”
But I was wrong; it was you who needed me
A home to call your own something meant to be.

You didn’t bark you didn’t cry
The only sound you’d make was a soulful sigh.
You never walked; you’d always crawl
You never played not even with a ball.
Large crowds scared you my beautiful baby
Oh what am I to do? Put you down maybe?

We worked and worked to overcome your fears
With a lot of sweat bad words and tears.
Two years is along time to suffer your abuse
Was my love for you going to cause me to lose?

Here we are three years later my boy
You walk cry bark and play with that toy.
Men still scare you but you know I’ll always be here
For your entire life for all those wonderful years.
I will always love you and you’ll love me
Fate brought us together; it was ment to be.

How we have grown my man
The two of us never far apart
You are my biggest fan
And always in my heart.

Oh big Lou.
Am I ever going to miss you.
Wait for me on the other side
I will be along when my time is through
With the time you’ll have to bide.

I love you sweet baby more than words can tell
Now is time to leave your inner hell.
Please forgive me for letting go
It’s time to sleep my loving Beau.

Please wait for me I will count the days
Until I see your face and get to play
With my best friend again
My heart will never mend.

This is not goodbye but see you soon
Like the smell of Roses The call of the Loon
You will never be forgotten
I love you my crazy Lou!!



28, Dec 2000