Chatik by Sema

As I sit here trying to type out a tribute I cannot help crying. I miss my babies soooo much!
I think back to the day we first met -in the breeder’s living room a shy tiny sensetive silhoutte in the corner staring at me with question marks.

She became my best friend that day. She shared my loneliness and hard working days in London. But she was alone at home when I went to College. Then Bronze arrived. They were happy together and used to wait for me at the window. They went with me everywhere even MA lecture Hall at UCL.
First Bronze passed away. Chatik was with me for a little over 8 years.

The morning she died she was in my lap on the floor. She was suffering a lot from Mitral Valve Disease for two years. I did my best but the vets could’t help her very much.
She used to follow me every where at home and touch my foot while sitting studying sleeping. She did the same thing and followed me to the kitchen that morning. I couldn’t understand it was the last moment of our togetherness. She was dying but trying to be with me. And we sat on floor together. I was just touching her head softly whispering her name and trying to see the love from her eyes through the tears for the last time.
Right before her last breath she looked into my eyes as if to say “Bye don’t cry any more”. Because she never ever let me cry when she was alive.
and gone
A day does not go by that I can’t think of her and have a tear come to my eye even now..
I will always miss her.
What a simple sentence!



25, April 1999