Chauncey by Brad, Becky, Chad, Brandon, Ryan, Jes and Ben / Brad, Becky, Chad, Brandon, Ryan, Jes and Ben

Chauncey has been a part of our family for a very short 21 years. He passed this January 14, 2008 after a very short illness. This picture was taken by Ryan on Chritmas night 2007, he loved playing in the packages and managed to get something stuck on his nose. He was and is more than a cat; his personality and affection made him a brother to my children. His life emulates the drive to be free and the desire to overcome adversity. His early years were full of adventure. He was a true warrior up until the day he passed on. He did not want to leave. Chauncey died with a slight smile on his face after a short visit to a very friendly and emotional vet. We appreciate the lessons this young man brought into our lives and will sorely miss him, but will truly never forget him.

Our hearts are heavy and eyes full of tears, but we know he is back with his best friend Sasha, who was taken from him several years ago. We have comfort knowing that he is running free with his Alaskan malamute sister. She was the only dog that he would tolerate. Our lives are better to have had a member of the family like Chauncey, he could always bring a smile to your face and brighten the gloomiest of days. He will always be with us and never far from our thoughts. Goodbye for now, I know that we will be together as a family again someday.

Thank you for bringing such joy to our lives and for all the memories you have left us with. It is your time to run again, go and
be free our brown-faced friend.


With All Our Love,
Brad, Becky, Chad, Brandon, Ryan, Jes and Ben