Cheech by family pet / Amanda, Jessica, Sarah, Michael Williams

9/29/04 our neighbors just had puppies so they gave us one and my sister named him Cheech so every buddy loved him and a year later we found a Husky/Wolf and are Chiuaua fell in love with her. I mean so did we and so we named her Sasha and a year we went to my cousin’s house we brought Sasha and Cheech with us and we stayed for a month and on the 49th week we all went to the store and we were coming home. We were on the road to the house and two men asked us if we had a Chihuahua and we said yes and they seid that they were fishing and they caught Cheech’s collar on the fish hook and we found out Sasha was gone because she chased a duck across the pond and Cheech followd her and he didn’t make it back and Sasha ran away so we lost 2 dogs in 1 day.


We miss them dearly,
family pet