Cherokee Sioux by Jackie Lynch & Dave Kinser / Mommy and Daddy

I adopted a little puppy dog
And named her Cherokee Sioux
I love my little puppy dog
And know she loves me too.

I brought her home a daddy
And we’re a family
She loves us and we love her
We are happy as can be.

February brought an illness
to our Cherokee Sioux
Although she fought with gallant heart
It took her life so dear

March took our baby to Heaven
On Angel wings she flew
Now our Angel watches over us
And knows we love her still.

Cherokee was our little blessing
A special Gift from God
Now He’s called her home to Him
To sit with Him on high.

Although we miss her dearly
Deep within our hearts
We know we’ll be together again
Never more to part.

Again we’ll be together
As a family
Because she loves us and we love her
Through eternity.


Our love for you is eternal, Squeakers,
Cherokee Sioux
4, Mar 2005
Jackie Lynch & Dave Kinser