CHESTER by JOANNE AND CRAIG / Joe and Craig and your pal Alfie

“You were only a tiny baby when we first met you
but from that day on you just grew and grew,
We knew that you were special a very gentle friend,
and that we would love you dearly until the very end.”

“You always made us laugh you were a big clown,
and you’d always cheer us up should we be feeling down.
You would run around so silly in your funny way,
you were our sunshine on a rainy day.”

“But now the rain is falling and our hearts are so blue,
cos chester boy we so dearly miss you.
My house seems empty no one to greet me at the door.
and coming home at night is awful cos
you’re not there no more.”

“I know your in a better place just near the rainbows end,
and one day we will meet again our very special friend.”

Miss ya big man


We miss you dearly gone but never forgotten,
16, Aug 2006