{aka Chessie }

July 29th 1990 —— June 23rd 2000


It was in September of 1990.

My husband Craig and I had been married a few months and

decided we wanted a dog. The dog of choice for us was a Dachshund.

Craig had Dachshunds while he was young and convinced me this breed

was the perfect choice. We searched for a private breeder and located one

within a short time. We arranged for an appointment to look at the

litter of six pups. The decision was overwhelming at first.

I mean how do you choose when there are so many cuties running

around your feet? We sat down and started to play with all of them

to get a feel for their dispositions.

The choice for our Chestnut a.k.a Chessie came rather suddenly when

she approached Craig and proceeded to untie his shoelaces.

Craig exclaimed…”She’s the one!” And he was so right. Chessie fit

just perfectly into our home. She was our first baby you see Christopher

(Chessie’s baby brother) didn’t come along for almost five years

so Chessie had us all to herself.

She went everywhere with us.

When Christopher came home with me from the hospital she attached to

him right away and in time as Christopher grew older he became

attached to his Chessie as well.

They were great playmates and acted just like a brother and a sister…

even sharing each others toys from time to time.

One story in particular to share is the time we were celebrating

Chessie’s 7th birthday. You see each year we would take her to the ice cream

store to get a small vanilla ice cream in a cup sing “Happy Birthday”

and then watch as she enjoyed her special treat.

On this occasion we asked Christopher if he wanted some of her

ice cream before we set it on the floor.

He said no so I proceeded to place the ice cream down for Chessie.

Within a few moments Christopher was down on the ground licking the

ice cream right along with Chestnut on his hands and knees.

Chessie didn’t mind at all and boy did this make for a cute picture.

So now has come the time to mourn the loss of our dear Chessie and

make sense of it all. Chessie nine years was not long enough.

You were so brave even to the end. But we could tell in your eyes that you

knew it was time to go.

Time to run up to God and untie His shoes…

for God knows you are the one too.

We love you for eternity Chessie.

In our hearts forever

you will be.

Craig Ingrid and Christopher