Chevy by Cheryl Couvrette / Grandma, Grandpa and family

Hello my little lovebug. I want to let you know how much we all miss and love you. I know you will like the resting place we picked for you. I can’t wait for the day to see you again to make our family whole again. Until then there will always be a tremendous hole in my heart.

Whoever so cruelly took you away from us. I would like to let them know, they not only took away a part of our family, but also a part of our hearts. I see you everyday in your mom’s eyes and I know she and your brothers sense that you are with God now. I hope God will read to you the letter I left with you and will also use the laser light that your Grandpa wanted you to have to play with you until we see you again to play with you ourselves.We think about you everyday, and I still feel so lost without you. I see you everyday all around me and that gives me great comfort.

We will keep you alive in our hearts and in our souls. We miss you terribly, but know you are watching over us letting us know you are happy and in no pain. I will not say good-bye because it is so final and I know we will see you again, so we say”so long”. Be a good boy, my little lovebug and know that no one could have ever love you as much as we do and always will. You gave us such joy and happiness the short time you were with us.
So I will try to share the joy you would have given me with others. Somehow I know that is
what you would want me to do.


Love always and forever,
6, Sep 2003
Cheryl Couvrette