Chewy by Allen Sanabria / Allen Sanabria

My wife and I received chewy by accident, we were at a friends party and this cute little brown dog came to me and stood by me the whole night. I couldn’t help but to fall in love with him. The owner of chewy at that time, asked me if I wanted him because it seem like he wasn’t going to leave my sight. I looked at my wife first, and I said please baby, and she couldn’t help but to say yes.

Ever since then he has been my best friend since. When I’m watching TV he is right there curled in my arms, if I’m laying down he is also laying on top of me. No matter what I’m doing chewy was always with me. He use to love playing with my nephews and nieces, always attacking them with affection. He was always play with my cat Mishu, they were always play fighting. My other dog Durango and Chewy always slept together in the same beds and eat from the same bowls.

Chewy use to always run up my body while I held is back, so he can give me a kiss. If I was sad he would be there for me and always make me smile. Even my 8 month old daughter loved him. She use grab him and try to follow him all over the bed, and once she grabbed him, he would give her a couple of kisses and then she would start laughing. Chewy always brought joy to my life and others who loved him.


I love you with all my Heart and Soul chew chew.
Allen Sanabria