Chichi by Elaine

Chichi was the light that light up my life and the one that bought me to me sense and relieve my stress…
One day he got ill and was taken to the vet, he was old, his chances were 50:50, if he’s lucky enough, he might come back, if not, he’ll have to be put to sleep and head for the rainbow bridge…. Till today, I’ve not even heard of him… Someday, I’ll join Chichi. We’ll cross the rainbow bridge together, forever…. This is a poem, which was actually true, that I’ve written, specially for pet lovers around the world and most of all, dedicated to my dear Chichi..

POEM: That One Moment

Once, as I remember,
I had this dream .
A dream, which I wish would come true.
I dream of you, my dear Chichi.
We were all waiting, ready and all,
we were waiting, waiting for you.
The doorbell rang and there was a man,
the vet’s assistant.
In his hand,
a most familiar face, the face we all knew,
the face we’ve all been waiting for.
And there you are, smiling at us,
and there you are, my dear Chichi.
The man was smiling and speaking to us,
I heard his words, so loud and clear.
“Congratulations! He’s back and well!”
Then we sat your four footed tank,
to where it belonged, with pipi beside,
and all was well.
I was in tears, tears of joy,
happy that you were finally back.
Then I remembered saying, “Chichi, you’re finally back! We’ve all been waiting, waiting for this moment!
I love you Chichi, and forever I will.”
After those words, I was awake,
My dream were shattered to pieces
and there I was, sitting on my bed.
And in the early morning light.
Fresh tears were streaming down my cheeks,
I was happy for that moment.
That one moment of my life,
And I can never forget that dream
that special dream,
That dream of you, My Chichi.

We will cross the brigde
together someday, wait for me…

Elaine Tham


23, May 2002