China by sandy / Mama

China,I already had an icey cold void in my heart from Miriah Gail leaving us just 8 months ago.But now your gone to.And I tried to save you to.The pain is so unbearable,I dont even know what happened except my heart has been broken into a million pieces all over again.

I used to come home and all three of you would come to the door to greet me and Miriah Gail would have her ball in her mouth as usual .Then all of a sudden there were only two, Miriah gail was not there any more.And we cried,You moped around looking for your sister, China you wouldnt even play missed her so badley.But now baby you are with her again playing and running at the rainbow bridge.

I will always love and miss you both.I will miss you running up to me and picking me up with you huge head,You were such a great dog,I miss you so much its only been 4 days but it seems like forever,Daddy misses you very much also.Your mom xena is the one left moping now,you were her baby,you were 8 years old but she still gave you a bath every day it was so funny to watch. China give Miriah Gail a kiss for me,And wait for me for one day we will be together again.I will lay your leash upon your urn just like i did for miriah,and when your two hear it shake you will know Im coming to the Rainbow Bridge to be get you.

China I miss you so much. Just please both of you always remember me,I’ll never forget you and I’ll always love you both,,


I'll always love you China and Miriah gail
20, Oct 2005