Chip is the one that has helped me through
As I have had him since he was small till he grew.
He stays and cuddles with me all night
To struggle through and hold him tight.

Loyal and a true companion you see
Always being there for me.
No matter if I am happy or sad
Truly being there through the good and the bad.

I love him really very very much
Just to scratch him and give a light touch.
Doesn’t make any difference if I am blue
Cause he will always be there no matter what I do.

Even though sometimes he be a pain
Really helping me to stay sane.
Always being there to kiss away each tear
And to wipe away all my fears.

Oh to have a dog is a big job
But completely worth it when you turn the knob.
To turn that knob and walk in
Make me feel like I always win.

Being there to the very end
Knowing that he is my best friend.
Even though he is very small
Good to hug tight just like a doll.

Wishing that he could live forever
Just enjoying while were together.
Always buying him brand new toys
because he brings me so much joy.

He’s one of the reasons I am still here
As I keep him very near.
Dreaming about life if I felt good
Knowing I would run him as much as I could.

Feeling bad that he is in a coop
Only going outside when he needs to poop.
Missing all the times we would play
Getting tired of being in all day.

Hoping some day that we can run
And stay all day long in the sun.
But being thankful for what we have
Acting more like a baby calve.
August 25, 2003-Before he passed away


Love Always,
25, May 2004