Chloe by Mary and Christina / Mommy and Tia

Chloe’s Prayer

If there is a place
I can again run and play free of pain,
it is with you, God.
If there is a place I can think of with Love,
it is of my home on earth
with My Loving Family.

If there is a day I dream of,
It it the day my tail wags with furry
when I see you walking towards Me
over the Rainbow Bridge.

Until then, do not be sad, and
just know I knew of place of Love,
And felt like I was
the Luckiest Dog in the World.

Thank you for my Dog life on Earth.
When you are sad, think of me nestled in my favorite spot right next to you,
Because that is where
I always wanted to be.

I am now with God, and with Kiko,
and we both wag our tails knowing
that we both shared
the most wonderful Life with our
Loving Family.

Don’t cry,
because we will always be with you,
watching over you.


Your Doggie Angel in Heaven


You are in our Hearts Forever,
8, Aug 2006
Mary and Christina