Chubbie by Jessica Eberle / Chubbie’s mommy, Jess

We got Chubbie from my sister’s friend. Their dog had a litter of nine puppies. They were giving them away for free. We got Baylie first, and then we went back two days later and got Baylie’s sister, Chubbie, the cutest little black dog around town. She was part chow, part lab mix. The dad was going to take the puppies to the dog pound if no one took them so that’s why we took two of them.

My dogs were so small that they slept on the bookcase like bookends. My aunt brought over her dog and all the dogs played with each other. Baylie and Chubbie played with each other. They played catch and they played in the snow. I miss her very much. One day during the summer, we were at Vacation Bible School at our church. There was a horrendous lightning and electrical storm that suddenly came up. When we arrived home, we found Chubbie lying by the computer desk where she normally likes to lie.

At first we thought she was just sleeping but she didn’t even stir when we came in. We discovered that she was dead. She died because she got struck by lightning during the storm. We still have Baylie and she is a great comfort to us. She sleeps in bed with us and she is like one of the family. She missed Chubbie too.


miss you
Jessica Eberle