Chubs by Sandi McPherson

A cat is what you were to see,
but you were like my child to me.
You followed me from place to place,
with your loving purr and sleepy eyed face.

You’d always greet me at the door,
no other cat could love me more.
I’d watch you playing in the sun,
chasing butterflies, having fun.

The catnip patch is still there,
I still can see you lying there,
helping yourself without a care,
rolling around from side to side,
then looking for that place you hide.
The sound of birds I do not hear,
Since you’ve been gone they’ve disappeared.

You were my buddy,
You were my friend,
I never thought that it would end,
So soon, we only had four years,
The thought of you brings on my tears.

No other cat will ever be,
as precious as you were to me.
“I love you Chubbers”
I still do say, you brightened each and
all my days.
I know I need to say good-bye.
It’s hard when all I do is cry.

And though I know that we must part,
you’ll always remain forever
in my heart

With all my Love,



8, Oct 1999
Sandi McPherson