Chuppz by Varni / You’ll always be in our thoughts!

His name was Chuppz.
He came into our lives on the 28th April 2002.
He brought happiness and laughter to our home.
Everything about him was beautiful. I remember his innocent eyes, his beautiful thick coat.

He was black in colour and had white chest, paws and white hair just above his nose. He was like another kid in the family. My dad and sister takes him for walks most morning and he loved his walks.He was very smart and witty. On the day he got hit by the car. He was running around playing with everyone and being the playful person he is.

Then came a cat and he chased the cat across the street, thats when he got hit by the car. When I walked out and saw my dad holding him in his hands, I knew then that was the end of my baby. He was dying from the severe damage and I called out his name and he tried to respond but it was late. He was half gone and I didn’t get to say bye nor did he get a chance to look me in the eyes one last time.

When I saw him next he was just a lifeless body. His innocent eyers were lifeless and his body was warm from the blood loss. All I could do was cry yet he wasn’t able to hear me because if he had heard me he’d have come running to me, but he just laying there covered in blood.

When we buried him I kissed him one last time. A kiss that was full of pain and hurt. Did I know he was going to be taken away from me so soon, if I had known I’d have done something to prevent it.
He is gone now and everything in the house reminds me of him.

I wish he was here; I wish he could come running up the stairs and try getting my attention. I wish he’d be given another chance but all I could is wish because the reality is he is left us behind and it’ll never be the same. God bless you my baby.

I love you and will always remember you. And remember I will come for you when it’s my turn and then I’ll be able to feed you again and we can run around and play our silly games. Love you my child and my thoughts are always with you!

“I sit here all alone
wishing you’d come running up the stairs
but I know all I could do is wish
I know you’ve gone to where the angels will look after you but I miss you. I miss you being here.
God bless bless you and You’d always be in my heart forever”

Kisses n hugs!