CiCi by Ken & Kim Hart / Daddy and Momma

You came into our lives when we saved you from our local animal shelter. You were affectionate from the start, a vibrant, bouncy kitten, happily chasing our other cats around the house. As your time with us passed by, you watched our houseful of cats grow old and over your 14 years, they left you alone. You became even more affectionate with us, begging for attention, playing with us at every opportunity, and you would call for us when you wanted a drink
from the bathroom sink.

We miss your contented purring, your insistent talking whenever you wanted attention, and the way you would roll over on my leg to get your tummy scratched
whenever I sat in my chair.

Allie, Katie, Misty, and Lucky are waiting for you, and now you can play together again.


Our tears of sorrow will turn to tears of joy when we all meet at the Rainbow Bridge.
13, Nov 2014
Ken & Kim Hart