Cindy by Eddie / Eddie

I work in a school and one of the teachers had a hamster named Cindy. She asked me to take care of Cindy while she was on vacation. Well, I took her home on February 14. While in my care I looked into her eyes and fell in love with her. Now I knew I had a problem, cause I did not want to return her. So now two weeks have passed by and the teacher asked for Cindy back. I replied to her “I love her, can I adopt her”? Then the teacher said “I love her too”! But then, she said “I just had a newborn baby, so I guess you can keep her but you have to bring her around for my kids to see her”.The fun then started.

My kids and I were constantly playing with her. Her favorite thing was a bounty tube which she loved to bite on. For the five months that we had her we enjoyed her to the fullest. We took her on vacation with us. We went to go check on her and sad to say we found her deceased.
We will miss her forever!!


With lots' of love,