Cinnamon by Rob & Amanda



September 1995 ----- August 25 2000

Poodle Mix

Dearest Cinnamon,

We want to thank you for the short time you were on this

Earth for the unconditional love that you gave us.

We wish we could bring you back and take back

the events of Friday evening but we can not.

Your tragic loss is beyond words how we feel without your presence.

We look for you at the front door or

to hear the sound of bark but it is not there.

Our house feels so empty without you Cinnammon.

We will forever miss your sloppy kisses and furry smile.

Your other furry friends miss you so much Cinnamon.

Thank you for being more than just a dog you were my best friend.

You made me happy when I was sad and you added such joy to our life.

I know God must have needed another doggie angel because he took you.

We miss you so much Cinnamon.

And may you always have the peace and happiness

in heaven that you gave to us.


With love,

Rob and Amanda Smith







Rob & Amanda