Cisco by Karen




February 16 1974 ----- February 23 1988




(ALIAS "The Cisco Kid")

(alias "Smart Ass")

February 16 1974 - February 23 1988


He was just a small red puppy that pulled my heart strings tight;

A sole survivor of a litter on a stormy April night.

With a promise of a future when we brought him home you see,

Just a tiny constant shadow who would always follow me.


With a serious look upon his face he named himself that night;

Became "Karen's Solemn Cisco" and it fit his soul just right.

With that loving look within his eyes we knew he understood

That no doubt there would be ups and downs but life would be so good.


Cisco had a sense of humor and he kept me in my place;

He trained many Junior Handlers with his "know how" and his grace.

And many miles we did travel a fast race against time

To achieve his highest honor U-CDX was devine.....


Cisco sparkled when he hit the ring in spite of oversize;

And he stomped himself right back in place assistance he'd deny.

Although his ears distracted from his soft expressive face;

A wink from one of his bright eyes would keep us from disgrace.

In fact he knew without a doubt he would be Number One

From breeding bitches (neutered yet) to barks (his debark gone).


He killed his dumbells dead in fact he took his junps with ease;

And while final scores were pressing my pants leg he would tease.

And as if that were not enough to set my nerves a jumble,

A good old "go down" on a sit would teach me to be humble.


So after all the years and miles and friendship we're apart...

I can't explain the closeness the void within my heart.

No small brown bundle on my bed which was his favorite place;

Right to the end he did enjoy and left this earth with grace.


His small brown soul in heaven now lies heavy on my breast,

But Cisco knew the time had come his most deserving rest.

And up on high some Angel puts my Cisco through his paces;

You can bet he hasn't changed much from the looks upon their faces.


I'm sure with his tender sharing soul heaven is a brighter place;

While I work Rebel Cisco watches a smile upon his face.

Angels don't correct him for his less than perfect jump and wink.

And he'll wait for me to show up soon he has no doubts I think...


And once more down that road we'll drive together we will be;

We'll do those exercises with flair through all eternity.


written by Katie Gammill

Indian Creek Shelties

March 2 1988