Cisco by Margie and Eric Hall / Mom

Cicsco was a large Bovier. He was the largest pup in the litter and he went right to Eric’s lap. He was our first furry child. He was so gentle and kind. Everywhere I would go there would be Cisco. He was so handsome. His coat was black brindle, soft and curly. Those large brown eyes were so full of love. The tongue had a personality of it own as there was a black spot in the middle.

One day after a walk he seemed tired and weak. A little later he started coughing and his breathing became labored. I took him to the vet thinking perhaps he had a kennel cough. The chest x-ray was not at all good news. The heart was too big. The vet and I were stunned to say the least. She had never had a dog of this breed with heart problems. Cisco loved to skijor and now the winter would be less than. My friend and buddy would die young.

I made a promise to him on that day I would give him medication to keep him with us a little while longer. When life would start to be a struggle, no appetite and lack of fun I would release him to god.
I kept my promise to him.

I have a blue spruce for his memory. I cherish the lesson he taught me. Love unconditionally and live life to the fullest one day at a time. God is always right there. I love you Cisco.


God be with you my brave dog,
Margie and Eric Hall