Cissy by Lois, William and Daisy Mae / Mom, Dad, Daisy and Debbie

Dear Cissy,

I know it is five months since you left us. You know that mom and dad were sick and in hospital that’s why it’s taken so long to give you this special day. Mom and dad miss you so much. Daisy misses you too. And I miss ya, too. You came to us a long time ago, when we all lived in the farm house. That’s when everyone was healthy and younger.

We all have grown older together and mom and dad did their best to take care of you. I am sorry I let you live your last days in so much pain. I know I should of taken you to vet and let you go. I am sorry. I just didn’t want you to leave yet. Please forgive your me. Well, I know you are in a better place. You are with Buddy, Blackie and Angel Renee. We love you.


Love you forever,
Lois, William and Daisy Mae