Oct. 30 1990 —– July 16 2001

It was almost 11 years ago when our beloved

Toby died and we swore that we didn’t want another dog.

Then Clancy came into our lives.

We met him as he sat on the coffee table in his owner’s home

where we were being interviews to adopt him

as he was too big and strong for an older couple.

As we fell in love with him on the spot

the older couple saw the immediate love affair

we had begun and we began our life together a new family of 5…

‘The Big Man’ was always a bright spot in our day

and was never sad…..

and could turn the darkest days into the brightest

for anyone who walked in the house.

When he turned 9 we found out

he had some arthritis in his back legs

so we adopted another pup Bailey so that he stayed active.

Soon they became the best of friends.

Then one day he started to slow down and

we knew that he was getting older…….

Then on that fateful day…..

he was playing in the backyard with Bailey and

when they came in Clancy laid down and lost

his unknown fight with spleen cancer.

It is so comforting to know that he left us happy…

and wasn’t afraid.

We miss him so…

and hope he met up with Toby

in doggie heaven!!