Clapton by melody / Momma

Now that you’re gone, I try to go on
But I miss you so much with each day.
You were my best friend, loving me till the end
But I can’t make this hurt go away.

I think of you often, and time doesn’t soften
This cold, empty feeling I get.
I miss you so much and I want one more touch
For, loving you, I’ll never forget.

I walk all alone, and my heart it still moans
When remembering the things that we did.
I’m alone by myself, and there’s nothing that helps
These feelings – I just need to rid.

I talk to you nightly, and dream your beside me
This helps me to get through the night.
I love and I miss you, and I’ll try hard to get through
All this pain, and somehow make it seem right.

So stay with me always, and help me to have fun
Stay strong until we meet again.
I long for the day, when together we’ll stay
Together, Forever, Amen.


Best buddies forever ,
18, June 2004