1982 —– 1998


Cleo was not my cat it was my grandma’s cat.

She found her in an alley one day and my grandma

was the only one she would go by so my grandma

being a animal lover took her in.

The whole family loved her. She only loved me my sister

my grandma and my grandpa. She was spoiled,but what cat isn’t?

I loved her so much. Whenever we would play a board game

she would sit right in the middle of the game.

We would never in a million years yell at her though.

Then one day she stopped eating and was hiding a lot.

So my granma took her to the vet and they said that she had a brain tumor

because before my grandma picked her up

someone had kicked her

in the face hard and shot her in the back.

Before we knew it she couldn’t even walk.

She tried too but she would just fall down.

My grandma had to make that hard decision to put her to sleep.

She didn’t want to but she knew that it wouln’t be fair to Cleo because

she would just be suffering all her life.

My grandma said that it was the hardest decision

she ever had to make and I will never forget her and

she will always be in my heart.