Cleo by Sarah McKnight / Sarah

It was a few minutes before I went to my friends house. She was sat on my knee having a stroke and a happy life. My Dad was getting ready to drop me off. As we opened the front door to leave she ran outside and
into our front garden.

Once in the car my Dad started to reverse off into the road but as he did she ran onto the drive and under the car wheel. My Dad felt the car go over her and immediately he knew what he had done. He told me that he’d run over Cleo but I didn’t believe him until I looked out of the window. I saw my Mum come to the door and gasp so I started screaming. My Mum got me out of the car and sat me down.

After that all I can remember is me saying take her to the vets and she’ll be o.k. Cleo now lives in our back garden in her lovely grave made by me. We have a new cat who we love but we’ll always remember her because she was so gentle.


Rest in peace my little angel,
Sarah McKnight