Cleo by Tamara & Dan / Dan


I married into your family, not knowing how
you would accept me. I had never had a step-cat
before. What followed was twelve years of friendship,
laughter and unconditional love.
I remember all those times, of you and I
just hanging out, doing e-mail, listening to music,
getting treats (more you than me!), feeding time,
and keeping you from beating up the dog. I remember
you sleeping on the bed or a chair, head tucked under
your body and turned upside down! I would kiss you
and you would sneeze and shake your head…every time!
Your habit of jumping in every empty (or full!) box
that happened to be laying around the house, including
the laundry basket (which made you a basket case!)
Most of all, I remember all those wonderful greetings
when I came home. The first thing I saw when I came
into the house was your grey paws coming down the
stairs to greet me, followed by the meows. Oh, how
dearly I miss you!
I am so sorry the last 18 months of your life
were difficult. It saddens and hurts me that twelve
wonderful years came down to a late Sunday night trip
to the Pet Hospital. It was truly one of the most
difficult things I have ever had to do in my life.
However, there was no way I was going to let you
suffer or be in pain. I know in my heart, just as sure
as I am sitting here today, you would have done the same
for me. I only hope and pray you heard me telling you
how much I love you when you drew your last breath.
In my 38.5 years on earth, I can count the
number of true friends I have had on just one hand. Cleo,
you were not only a true friend, but also my confidant,
my shoulder to cry on and my inspiration.
The sky does not seem as blue, the sun not as
warm, and life not as wonderful as when you were here,
being my faithful and loyal friend.
I love you, I miss you and I will never, ever
forget you!


With Eternal Love,
4, Dec 2005
Tamara & Dan