Clover by Carmen, Lloyd, Jasmine, Lauren, and Mark / Lloyd, Carmen, Jasmine,
Lauren and Mark

I remember when my cat, Clover, was first brought home by my mom. She said that when she saw him, he was the last kitten of the litter. He was the prettiest little kitten that we ever had, he was a tiger cat, but unlike most other tiger cats, his stripes would swirl around.

He was so cute, and every time we picked him up, or pet him, he would meow with a little cute voice. As he got older he kind of turned into a spoiled little brat to everyone except for my mom, because he liked her the best. Every time she would call him he would always go to her.

He always liked to go inside card-board boxes, and there was a really tiny one that was next to the computer and he would squeeze himself into it. It was funny because by this time he had gotten really, really big and he would still be able to fit in it.


We Will Remember You Forever,
Carmen, Lloyd, Jasmine, Lauren, and Mark