Clyde by Bre / Love,


One day I arrived home from work, I was about 19, my mom was outside on the porch crying. She said, “Bonnie ran away”. The gate was left open and my mom’s little white bishon ran out. She had been gone for over 4 hours and was nowhere to be found. My mom said “I’ll never find her now,.” I felt awful. Being Clyde’s best friend, I had to go looking for her. I took my dog Clyde for a walk. We walked about 2 miles near my old school. I stopped at the corner and said to Clyde well which way do we go now. He pulled me in a direction. We came up to an alley and heard a dog barking. Sure enough it was her. Someone found her and they where trying to locate the owner. Clyde found her. My mom was so happy. This was just one amazing day of my beloved dogs life. I miss him so much. He was the best dog I will ever have. When I moved from home, I took him with me and Bonnie stayed with my parents. I couldn’t be without him.

Sadly, he died within the next 2 years. Bonnie just died this year. Its amazing how much of an impact animals make in our lives and how sad and lonely it is when there gone.


I will never forget you guys,