Coallie by Paulette / Mom and Dad

On a warm August day, this middle size mixed breed dog came into my garage. Not knowing if she was mean or not, I slowly walked up to her with a bowl of water. Seeing how loving she was, we decided to adopt her. That was 14 1/2 years ago. She went from being a yard dog to sleeping with hubby and I in our bed. She gave us so much love. Than the day we dreaded unfortunately came, we had to put her down. Her kidneys failed. I feel like someone riped out a big chunk from my heart. As she took her last breathe, she and I were eye to eye. What I would do to have her in my feet again, because that is where she always was. The only places she didn’t go with us was to church, the store, or a restaurant. God, do I miss my Little Old Lady.


Will Miss and Love You Forever,