COCCO by DESHION AND NANAE COBY / Deshion and Nanae Coby

Last night Cocco was struck by a passing car and sustained a broken neck. My wife who is seven months pregnant I am sure you know how it is to be pregnant dealing with all of the hormones that come with carrying a baby. So not only is my wife blaiming herself but, it is ten-fold with the pregnancy. It has only been a few hours but the loss of Cocco
has effected my family alot.

I am doing my best to console her but when you add to the fact that my wife is Japanese, in a foriegn country without any friends I am sure you know how much those two had grown to depend on and Love one another. I also love Cocco for that reason, she made it alright for me to go to work because I knew my wife had some quality company
while I was away.

We are 100% positive that Cocco was happy everyday that we were blessed to have her in our home. She was and will always
be our little Princess.


With Love,