Coco by Tracy Traylor

My magnificent mutt
You were the mother of many
and a great mother too.
Without your protection
Don’t know what I would do.
I remember the day that
dobermans chased your children
home to you.

Your recognized their cry and
instinctively you defending
them and was
not afraid to die.
Those bullies were no competition
for a worried mother on a mission.
Quickly for their live they would beg.
You beat them up and sent
them home with thier tails
between their legs.

I was always so proud of you for your
bravery and love.
I still think about you often.
Are you watching me from above?
If you are, I hope you are
proud of what you see
Of the person that I am
and have grown up to be.

Dear coco, sweet coco, I love you still.
Only Wish I had been old enough to rescue
you from the vet. Why did momma kill you?
You had life in you yet.
They say you were suffering and in
agony or pain.
But who gave them the right to replace
your pain with my rain.
The tears I did feel,
helpess, guilt and shame,
for not being able to save you.
It is she that I blame.

***PEOPLE- don’t get a pet if you
are not willing to go ALL of the way
Who knows maybe our actions will be judged




Tracy Traylor