Cocoa by Melissa Michie / Mommy, Daddy, Dexter, Andrew and Emilee


One Fall day daddy brought you to our home
You had been abused
And you were so shy.

We kept you for several weeks
Loving you all the while and
we searched for a home for you.

You looked just like our little dog Dexter
And at first you two would fight
But after several weeks we all realized.
That we had found you a new home alright.

You became a permanent fixture
You were Dexter’s girl
We loved you all the time
And eventually you forgot the abuse of your past
and only knew the love of the present.

The day you took your last breath
My heart sank to the floor
I held you as you died
My world came crashing through the door.

Cocoa, I loved you, so
So hard to let you go
I beg to see you again, in heaven someday
Our little fur bound friend.


In Our Home and Heart forever,
17, Oct 2003
Melissa Michie