Codie by Jessica / Jessica

Codie you were a great friend of mine but now your in heaven smileing down on me making sure I don’t do anything wrong but now that your gone I have a hole in my heart right where you were and it’s hard to fill without you by my side. People always say that you need to move on but it’s hard trying to move on when the pet you love is gone and will never come back.

People also say never say never but when it’s about someone you love you can say what ever you want even tho you want to just die right there but without you there is HOPE of seeing you in heaven when I get up there and you can be with the family agin and be able to play with us agin but til then you will always be in our hearts even tho there is still a hole when I think of you it fills the hole up with joy and that is why I will never forget about my best friend Codie.


30, Dec 2001